Thoughts on Ganesha

Whenever we are not in the present moment, our energy becomes diffuse and we end up giving our power away. Our attention is everywhere but Here.

The mind is a powerful vehicle; an indispensable tool, but when we are not present and on auto-pilot, we allow our minds to take over. Who then is driving the vehicle? If we wish to harness the great vehicle of our minds, then we must learn to be deeply rooted, calm, and aware- despite life’s challenges and emotional storms. This in turn allows us to live a powerful existence and is the very essence of achieving the state of “dynamic tranquility”.

I am reminded of Ganesh, the elephant headed god of Hinduism who rides a small mouse as his vehicle. Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles. His presence can be likened to our Unlimited Self, our wisdom self, our highest self. And his mouse, which he rides so gracefully, can represent the mind, or the limited self, also known as the egoic self. This legendary image portrays a healthy relationship between our soul and our mind. The mind becomes a useful and powerful tool when consciously driven by the soul.

And once we learn to plant our highest selves in the driver’s seat, the real fun can finally begin!