Homemade Bug Spray

Homemade Bug Spray Recipe:

  • 4 oz of strong mugwort tea made from the freshly picked top third
  • 4 oz of witch hazel or vodka
  • 35 drops of lemon/eucalyptus essential oils
  • 25-30 drops of cedar essential oil

Here is a simple recipe I came up with for the kids in the Children’s Herbal Circle.

Mugwort is a plant that commonly grows on roadsides and is so abundant all over North America. I have no doubt that you can find this plant very close to your own home. Go out and harvest enough mugwort to fill up a mason jar. Only collect the top 3rd of the plant and then cut it up with scissors and gently fill your mason jar. Cover the herb with boiling water and cap it immediately. Mugwort has a lovely scent and it just so happens to repel mosquitoes! The essential oils are quick to evaporate, so it’s important to cap your jar right after you pour the water. Let that sit for several hours, shaking it every so often.

When you are ready to decant your *tea*, give it a little shake before taking off the lid. This encourages the essential oils to stay put and not evaporate out. Strain your mugwort tea and add 4 oz to another jar that can hold 8 oz. Add 4 oz of either witch hazel or vodka to your 4 oz of mugwort tea. I’m currently using Purus Organic Vodka. This will preserve your natural bug spray.

Then you add your essential oils. I chose these three essential oils because they seem to work well together. All 3 of these essential oils work to repel ticks and mosquitos. There are many other essential oils that you can include in your bug repellent, but I don’t personally like the scent of citronella, and many of the other great bug repellent eo’s can be quite pricey.

So here is an inexpensive, effective, and completely harmless way to protect you and your little one from the onslaught of bitey bugs. Don’t let bugs keep you from experiencing the beauty of nature! Just remember your bug spray and get out there and play!

With love and wonder.