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Custom Herbal Blends

on Mon, 06/27/2011 - 20:00

Mother nature has been very good to me this year. The rainy, New England spring provided a rich supply of vibrant medicinal herbs. Just this year I have been able to harvest skunk cabbage, dandelion roots and leaves, burdock, red clover, elder flowers, shepherd's purse, and violet. And the season is not over yet! That being said, my apothecary is completely stocked up with local dried plants and tinctures, as well as more obscure plant medicines that don't tend to grow in our neck of the woods.

If ever you are in need of a special medicinal tea blend or tincture, don't hesitate to contact me. It's a lot more convenient and cost effective to order exactly what you need, rather than buying everything separately and blending them together yourself.
Prices of custom herbal blends range from $10-$40 depending on what you need and the quantity. Shipping can cost between $3-$6.
I accept checks or if you need to pay with a credit card, I can set up a private listing for you on my Etsy account.
Many healthy blessings,
Melanie Rose

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